The ticket is personal and is valid only for the trip for which it was issued.

1. are responsible for the security of their personal belongings.
2. are not allowed to carry explosives, flammable, incendiary and dangerous substances.
3. should comply with the Port and Sanitary provisions.
4. should comply with the instructions of the Captain and the crew, to maintain order and safety of passengers and the ship.
5. must be present at the embarkation area 40' before the departure of the ship. Passengers who miss departure are not entitled to a refund of the tickets.
6. during the trip, should address any complaint to the ship's Captain and if necessary, after the completion of the trip to the shipping company.

1. refunds the ticket price to the passenger, without any other obligation towards the passenger or any third-party, in case the voyage is canceled or suspended due to the fault of the ship or due to adverse weather conditions.
2. is not responsible for any delay of the trip, for change or non-observance of a scheduled itinerary due to bad weather, due to orders of the Ministry Merchant Marine or the Port authorities or due to force majeure.
3. reserves the right, to replace the ship for which the ticket was issued with another ship, as well as to modify the timetables.
4. The captain, the crew, as well as the ship-owning company bear no responsibility for passenger loss of life, injury or other damage resulting from non-compliance with the instructions of the Captain and the crew: a) during the trip, b) when boarding and disembarking from lifeboats, c) when going ashore or returning by swimming,  d) when the ship is moored and passengers are swimming nearby (swimming stop).

For cancellations the following percentage of the fare is refunded (depending on the time of the cancellation prior to the departure):
Up to 24 hours before: 100% of the fare
24 hours before departure or in the event that the passenger does not show up on boarding, the company is under no obligation to issue a refund.
Refunds are issued only by the issuing ticket office upon the company's approval.