It all started about 30 years ago,
when, in the summer of 1995, a ship of our Company “opened” the road to the first organized day cruise from Kissamos-Chania, to the exotic Balos Lagoon and to the legendary island of pirates, Gramvousa.
With a lot of work, passion, a sense of responsibility and respect for the passenger and the environment, this cruise became a great success, and attracted more and more visitors every year. Thus, over time, more ships and destinations were added to serve the increase in visitors.
As a result of this growth, the Company today consists of two Consortiums: "CRETAN DAILY CRUISES" and "CHRISSI DAILY CRUISES".

The goal of its experienced creators in shipping and tourism, was from the beginning and continues to be to this day, to offer day cruises, which will combine interest, entertainment and safe travel, with plenty of time to relax and explore unique and inaccessible destinations of exotic beauty. Balos, Gramvousa island and Chrissi island are nature reserves and areas of special natural beauty, included in the European Program NATURA 2000.
Today, about three decades after the first cruise, with hundreds of thousands of happy passengers, the Company holds a leading position in the field of day cruising. Its Consortiums are at the top of the Passenger - Tourist Ships in Greece, as they manage nine (9) Maritime Companies and have nine comfortable Passenger - Tourist ships with a capacity of 250 - 1200 passengers, which offer delicious food, drinks and other services. All the necessary measures are applied to the company’s ships for their safe operation, but also for the protection of the marine environment, in accordance with the applicable national and European legislation.
The Company employs approximately 200 employees, supports the local economies and operates with social sensitivity for the preservation of the natural environment. It is a sponsor of social, cultural, sports activities and supports the efforts to preserve the cultural heritage, contributing to the tourist promotion of the country.

With undiminished passion, dynamism and enthusiasm, but also many years of experience, the Company continues to do what it knows best; to offer with safety and quality, wonderful trips and unforgettable vacation experiences, to earthly paradises!