We started our day cruises about thirty years ago, making accessible and well-known areas of special natural beauty NATURA, which mainly had the privilege of being enjoyed only by a few.

   In the years that have elapsed since then, these hidden earthly paradises have come to light, made famous all over the world the wider regions to which they belong, gave unforgettable vacation experiences to thousands of Greek and foreign visitors, contributed to the economic development of the area and contributed to the tourism promotion of our country.

   Corporate Social Responsibility is one of our most important principles and a commitment to the way we evolve. During the tourist season we employ about 200 people, we buy our supplies from the local market and we contribute consistently to social and cultural activities.

   With respect and love for the areas we visit and for the protection of their environment, we apply the following:

1.  Our ships are certified with ISPP (International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate) and IOPP (International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate).

2.  We use paint colors on our ships, which are certified for suitability and environmental friendliness.

3.  We have a Solid Waste Management Form in accordance with MARPOL 73/78 (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships), one of the most important international conventions on the marine environment.

4.  We train our staff on issues related to ecological sensitivity and how it is applied in practice.

5.  We use cleaning agents - detergents that are environmentally friendly.

6.  We buy products in large, returnable packages.

7.   We replace ordinary light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs.

8.   We recycle the batteries of the ships, in cooperation with AFIS. Battery recycling bins are also available in our offices.

9.   We collect food or waste in the special bins on our ships.

10. Most of our ships are biologically cleaned. We deliver the waste of those who do not have it, to certified waste management companies.

11. Liquid waste is managed in accordance with applicable law.

12. We separate the waste categories in our ships and offices so that their subsequent ecological management and recycling is possible.

13. We removed the plastic cups, mixers and straws, replacing them with other, consisting of recyclable natural materials.

14. We collect from our ships and offices the plastic caps from the water bottles and soft drinks, which we deliver to the RED CROSS KISSAMOS CHANIA, for their further exploitation.

15. The stay of our passengers at the destinations is the least possible. So, in Gramvousa it is about 2 hours, in Balos 2.5 hours, in Chrissi and in Koufonisi 3 hours.

16.  There is provision in the configuration of the arrival times, so that not many people are at the destinations at the same time.

17.  Within the framework of our Corporate Social Policy, in addition to sponsorships in social, cultural, sports and other activities, we actively participate in the activities organized by various organizations for the cleaning, protection, promotion of historical and cultural features, conducting scientific research, etc., for the areas we visit.

18.  We inform the competent authorities (Municipality, Archeology, etc.) about any comments on the situation of the areas we visit and assist, when there are problems with corrective actions.

19.  During the trip, we inform our passengers by video from the television screens, of the importance of respect and of protection of destinations, together with specific instructions on what is prohibited.

20.  Environmental advice also exists in seven languages (Greek, English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Russian):

      a. On our website, (www.cretandailycruises.com), in the description of each cruise. 

      b. On our brochures for every cruise, distributed to passengers and in tourist offices, by the thousands every year.

      c. In the written tours of cruises, which are distributed to our passengers during the journey.


 -From the ship's loudspeakers, upon arrival at each destination, we announce the following text in 6 languages:  “Please, respecting our beautiful destination, avoid any form of pollution as well as the collection of shells and plants. Please, during your stay, please do not leave useless items, but return them to the ship".

  -History and natural environment data (flora and fauna) for each destination, are detailed on our website and summarized in the brochures of each cruise.

   Proper environmental management and sustainable development of the destinations we visit is also our goal. We are present both in the discussion on how to find a rational way to achieve this goal and in its implementation.