Dia is located 7 nautical miles northeast of the city of Heraklion. Thanks to its infinite natural beauty and preserved ecosystem, it has been included in NATURA 2000, the European highly valued landscapes protection programme.
The island is protected from strong winds due to its privileged geographical location, which makes it an excellent destination even on the windiest summer days.


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We leave the port of Heraklion and travel for about 45 minutes in the crystal clear waters of the Cretan Sea.

Our spacious, large boat ensures you a comfortable and nice trip. The ship's restaurant-bar (self-service) is open throughout the cruise. You can enjoy your breakfast, admire the wonderful view of the Cretan coastline and relax listening to pleasant music.

The small, uninhabited island of Dia is so close to urban centres and yet its wild, authentic beauty offers the visitor a unique experience. From afar, it looks like a giant crocodile (or lizard) and as we get closer, the waters surrounding it become deep blue.

We anchor the ship in the stunning bay of Agios Georgios, very close to the coast, where you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters.

We provide equipment for water activities, such as life jackets, boards, masks with snorkels, flippers, balls, etc. 

Dia has no infrastructure at all, only a church, which commemorates the Ascension.
There are many legends and stories surrounding this island. Ancient gods, people, mythology and historical events have shaped its wondrous aura. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the famous oceanographer and explorer, conducted research in its waters and discovered ancient shipwrecks and a Minoan port, perhaps the most important port of Knossos. 

You can tour the island, which has a maximum altitude of 266 meters and is generally walkable, full of rock formations and garrigue. The bushes, the steep cliffs, and the endless blue make up a wild, magical landscape! 

The ship will depart for a nearby but also wonderful beach of the island, in the bay of Panagitsa, where you will swim in the crystal clear waters and relax.
We provide equipment for water activities, such as life jackets, boards, masks with snorkels, flippers, balls, etc. 

You can take your meal from the ship's bar whenever you want. 
The meal consists of an individually wrapped cold plate with the following options:
a) Pasta salad with chicken fillet, vegetables with mustard, ketchup, olive oil dressing
b) Vegan pasta salad with vegetables, vegan dressing
Accompanied by a soft drink or a beer or a bottle of water.

Enjoy your meal on board, indulge in music, dance, have fun, live a beautiful and different experience.

The time you will spend with us will fill you with good energy as well as beautiful images and moments that the island and the trip gave you.

We will be happy to welcome you again on our cruises!